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Paying for summer activities

When you all take your kids to summer activities how do you work out the money part? DB used to leave me cash and I would just give him the receipt and the change, but now he's stopped doing that and has asked me to front the cost and get reimbursed. I've had a little trouble getting paid from him in the past so I don't really want to do that. I've been trying to just take them to free or really cheap activities so it's not a lot out of my pocket, but they have started suggesting activities that are a little more. Do you all usually pay up front and get reimbursed?

Consistently Late

I've been with a family now for a year. The mom has been late since I started- that's problem 1.
Problem 2. Supposedly salary, weekly. She calls me off and doesn't pay me my full salary (I'm not a babysitter, I'm full time 8hrs a day, when she's home on time)
Problem 3. She's always asking me to do laundry, dishes, other chores. From other blogs, I've seen people do chores only relates to the kids, anyone else have an opinion?

Family out of town--boundary crossing

My Main goes out of town often, when they do I still get paid but am given other jobs to do. The list of things I am comfortable and willing to do and nearly done, so the mom sends me a text of some other things to do-- that I am NOT willing to do.

She wants me to: Wash the walls, clean the legs of the tables and chairs. Mop the house (no carpet) vacuum the rugs, sweep and mop the outside patio and steps, clean the bathrooms and stove/oven, oh and once again has asked that I polish the silver.

Joining mom group?

Would it be weird if I joined a moms group? Would they even allow me to? It's just that the little girl I nanny has no friends and I moved here a month before starting work with the family so I have no friends here either. I would really rather join a nanny group but I live in a small town and we just don't have one.

Awkward/inappropriate incidence??

Dad boss stayed home this morning to fix a plumbing issue while I watched the kids. After he fixed it he was planning to take a shower before going to work. The kids and I were getting ready to go to the library and I guess maybe he thought we were gonna leave before he could say goodbye? He comes out of his room in just a towel to say goodbye to them!!! I normally only see him in professional work clothes so I was totally caught off guard and didn't know what to do.

Event nannying?

Has anyone been asked to go to a sisters wedding & nanny? I was told they would need help during that weekend, I said I would try and keep it available.. She said it would be from early AM to the PM.. Before the wedding.. To be at the wedding with with the kids to make sure things go smoothly.. Go home and let them take naps a little, then come back for the dinner and reception.. Then probably take them home for bed.. I assumed I would be with them outside of the wedding so this is kind of odd for me..

Behavior..is this normal?

The family that I just started working for has a great baby and they really are wonderful people. Their first born (5 yr old boy) though is a nightmare. I have lots of experience with children but he baffles me. He never listens to anyone, has a constant attitude, ignores all authority, and when he isn't ignoring authority he is looking for a way to get in trouble. He threw the iPad the other day and faked an injury today.


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