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Taking my husband's ex's kid to school..

So we have my stepson every other week, and I drive him to school that whole week. About a month ago my husband's ex wife asked him if I could take her son from her current marriage to school on the week I take my stepson since they go to the same one. I said yes. But I feel like I need to charge her something. Should I? And if so how much is fair?

Advice for Twin Sleep

This isn't my first rodeo or my first set of twins, but they're the first to still share a room at almost a year old. They have had every single nap disturbed by the other twin, it goes back and forth but their cribs are touching in their room and today's afternoon nap has been the worst. Usually after 30 mins they will get bored and lay down but not today, I'm at an hour already.

Parenting styles

So I recently quit with the family I had been working for. It was one 15 month girl and I had to quit for several reasons. One of the main reasons was what i guess would be their parenting style. I started when the baby was 12 months old and one of the biggest struggles has been getting her to eat. She doesnt like sitting in her highchair and wants to get down and play instead. They dont like for her to cry so if she gets upset and doesnt want to eat she gets chocolate granola bars and if she doesnt eat that then she gets down and plays. Bottles are on her terms as well.

Overstimulated Baby & Toddler - Help!

Hello all! I’ve been a nanny for many years, & am currently with a family with a 1 & an almost 3 year old - i’ve been with them pretty full time for almost two years now. Problem: Both parents work full time & are very high-energy, high-emotion people. I’m with the kids for 9 hour days (housework/errands/groceries included) and i’m a very calm, organized, softspoken person. The kids often spend time with their doting grandparents (all 4 of them!) on the weekends & the parents are often gone with business trips, etc.

Child always hungry.

My 3&5 y/o always seem to hungry. They will always tell me this even after they've had lunch or a snack. I know that kids this age need to eat every few hours due to their tiny stomachs, fast matabolizes, and high energy levels. I'm not so much having an issue with them wanting to eat all the time because if they aren't full then they aren't full. I always prepare balanced meals and healthy snacks. Protein, fruit, and veggies.

Tips on how to keep kid from letting mom go to work

Hello nannies,

I just started a babysitting job, and the girl I babysit is 7years old. I'am looking for tips on how to keep the girl clam and let her mom go to work. Like for example: yesterday I went in and the mom had to go to work right away but she was having problems with the girl because her daughter didn't wanted her to leave. How do I make it easier for the daughter to let mom go to work? Any tips on this will be appreciated thank you.


Hi All: I have been a member here for 5 years now. I was just wondering if any of you nannies have experienced this before with your charges?? I started a new job this past February with a grandma who needed assistance daily with her two grandsons. She is 69, a retired teacher with bad knees, and way overweight. She cannot run and can barely get up from the carpet after play. Her nanny quit to retire and stay home to be available to her new grandchild. The grandma did not warn me how needy these children were when she hired me. There is a 4.5 year old who acts like a two year old.


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