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Help wanted!

Hello, Nannies

Is there anyone in the southern Illinois area looking for a permanent part time nanny/caregiver job? We have been looking for months. The position is primarily caring for 1 year old special needs twins. It is roughly 20 hours a week with a set schedule, but there is room for flexibility. The parents are great and I love my job. We just need someone to help when babies have doctor appointments and older brothers have swim and gymnastics.

Accidentally hurting the child

So this week I asked a little girl I nanny for to give me what I thought was a sharp object (it was a mechanical pencil without lead in it, but it wasn't a cheap plastic one but a very hard, pokey one instead). I wanted to look at it and I was afraid that the girl would poke herself with it or her little sister would get a handle on it.

Finding Work

Hi all! I'm thinking about picking up a second part-time job, and I'm wondering how you nannies find your work? Do you use a nanny agency, word of mouth, care websites, etc? I haven't had much luck looking for work online. Families post job offerings, but never get back to me when I apply! I'm a qualified and experienced caregiver and my applications are always professional, so I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong! Any advice? Let me know what you do when you are in the market for a new position!

Need help fast!!! Interview questions!

I typically don't work in the summers so I am currently on "summer break" but I am looking for something new this fall. In the next week I have THREE interviews scheduled & I am so excited (I also had an interview last week & have not heard back from the family :(). However, I want to make sure to wow all the families. What are some of the best questions YOU ask the parents? I have a short list of questions but is there something that stands out that you think would really impress parents to choose you?

Wrongly accused of child abuse. What do I do??

Hi. This is a long one but please bear with me. I have been nannying for a family now for 3 months. My first and now probably last nannying job. Up until now everything has been fantastic. I love my job and I love the two little girls that I care for. The girls love me too and their parents have been very happy with me so far.
Then one day last week a parent in the playground told the mum that whenever she sees me and the toddler, she is always crying. This is completely untrue and I dont know why she wud say it was. The mum thought so too and shrugged it off.

Crazy Parents

The woman I work for now is on a Visa from Australia and needs to go back. Currently I am working nights. She is making me a little crazy because she keeps changing the date on me when she is leaving. Originally it was June 28th. I am looking for a new position now because trying to find a new job can take 1 day or 3 months. Anyways I have had some crazy interviews. It seems everyone wants you to cook for them (the parents) and clean their house, along with holding the baby all the time. The last add I answered said 8 am to 5 pm. OK no problem.

Nanny to Homeschool teacher

So I posted before but deleted it because it was a bit scattered.

The nanny family I am with has told me they were thinking about taking their kids out of public school and would like to homeschool. They both work full time and asked if I would be willing to take this responsibility. They would accommodate the necessary learning materials we would need and it would be a collaborative teaching experience for us.

Need some advice about this!

I have been wondering if I have a great job and that I've been complaining in my head about nothing. Because I am thankful for this family. 2 kids, the boy is 6 and the girl is 1.5. i get paid a flat rate of 500 a week. No matter what. That means if they have family in town and I get 4 hours off that week, I still get 500. However, if I work overnight for 4 days and 3 nights that week (if they're on a trip) I still just get 500 that week. It's really difficult doing overnights by myself for that long. And towards the end of it I am thinking about looking for a completely different job.


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