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experience hard to get

I'm new here.how does a new nanny with only experience with nieces & elderly care get a nanny job when u have no nanny related reference? Like I need to build my nanny experience and no1 is giving me a chance to prove to them that I am capable n can handle the work...sigh

Driving kids

If you drive the kids, how do you work transportation?

In all my experience, a car is either provided OR the family pays mileage or set amount (once was $5 per day when driving was required which was very rare as they had carpools figured for most things).

Current family is charging me to use their car for transporting their children since they don't fit in mine and I'm not ok putting 100 miles per week on my car.

Looking to the future, what is standard?

Getting laid off without notice

I'm a full-time college and I work part time watching a 1 year old while her mom goes to classes of her own. It pays 200 a week which covers about 80% of my bills. I officially stopped working Dec 21st 2014 and then the understanding was to start January 20th and for 4 days a week instead of 3. I was waiting for that and then only worked yesterday for the whole week and was paid anyways. Now I have been told that she can't take classes anymore due to her work schedule and I don't have a job anymore! :( She said she'd help me find a job but I'm still not sure what to do.

frustrated with the family

Hi everyone. I have been working for a family since October. 2 little girls. The day I came for my interview the mom made a point to tell me I don't have to pick up the house. Welllll, Every day I get to the house and it is a mess. The play room is so messy that you can't even play in there. And the kitchen counters stove and table are crusty from dinner the day before. Today I got a sewing needle stuck in my foot. I make 500 dollar a week (52 hrs) no health insurance. I have spent time everyday cleaning up after them and then again before I leave.

Getting underpaid

Hi other nannies, I havent started this new job yet until september. I am going to be working for my old bosses again soon since they are having another baby in august. First time i started working for them was for their first born 2 years ago. I got paid 400 every two weeks plus what i was getting from the second family i was nannying for. I never said anything about it because i really wanted a nanny job and took whatever. Since i am going to be keeping a new born i think i should get at least 650 every two weeks.

Working While Sick

I am a part-time nanny for 3 families. For a while my motto has been even if I catch a cold pretend I'm not sick, suck it up and go to work. I'm going to school to be a nurse and that's what nurses do!

I've been at work with a 100 degree fever, body aches and holding back coughing. Often I feel pretending to not be sick makes me more sick than just being sick. Holding back blowing my nose or coughing up flem is worse than actually doing that.

Stuck and a little upset.. What should I do? Warning.. Long!

Parents went out of town for the week and I have been kind of hurt by the parents never asking me(or even asking me first) to stay with the kids overnight while they are gone. Also, they're paying this lady so much more for her to stay with the kids and sleep than what I even make! The house is in complete chaos when I come in. She doesn't keep the children on schedule so it is throwing off my schedule completely. For example: waking kids up at 8am instead of 7am so they nap terribly etc.

2 infants, 1 Me

Hello Wonderful Caregivers!!!!

This will be my first time taking care of two infants all by myself. I have a few questions. I know they might seem lame, and if you would like to redirect me to literature that covers these questions, or make fun of me but still answer, that would be fantastic!!!!

I'll start with the first one.

What do I do with one baby while I put the other to sleep?

I don't do the cry-it-out thing, so I'm already stressing about this very real dilemma.

Any advice welcome. Please and Thank you.


The insurance question got me wondering what benefits nannies get.

I am paid legally -W2
I get 50% health care premiums
Sick days as needed
Two weeks paid vacation
He provides a car for me to use
All meals at work.

What do you guys get??


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