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Giving notice

As you all know when you are a nanny the lines between friend and employee often get blurred. I have been nanning full time for over six years and have learned from my mistakes in this department. So with my current family

Wealthy and Entitled Brat

I need advice. I started a job a month ago and was told their nanny of nine years would be leaving because she doesn't speak proper English and is too lenient, and the kids are growing up (4 yo boy and 9 yo girl) yet the mother feels bad and hasn't let the other woman go. This means we are both there at the same time. I took the job because they offer amazing pay and the kids seemed so sweet and well-behaved. Turns out the girl is a self-entitled brat. They hired me to be a more firm, educating nanny, but the kids are getting mixed messages so I look like the bad guy.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I am a nanny of two boys (ages 4 and 5), we have grown attached to each other but I am still struggling to get them to behave. I thought it was a flaw in my abilities as their nanny until I closely examined their behavior with their parents. They kick, scream and are completely rude to their parents, their parents let them walk all over them and do whatever they want. When I arrive I am expected to give them the only structure they ever see, needless to say it is a struggle to get them to do small tasks such as brush their teeth and get dressed without screaming fits.


After over a month of serious thought, I have finally decided to quit my current nanny job. I have posted on this site, the ridiculous hours I have, the micromanaging, and the simple fact that she won't let me or the charge go outside for a walk which is extremely hard when I work 14 hour days. Not only that, but I'm also not allowed to open any blinds or windows, but get guilt tripped often about her AC bill.

The so-called squatter nanny!

I know this is random, but I'm watching the saga of the live-in nanny who refused to move out on Dr. Phil. I had seen the story on the news and thought I knew the story. I'm starting to have second thoughts and wanted you guys' input.

It seems to me that the nanny isn't quite the villain they made her out to be. She's no nanny of the year, but the family seems suspect. I've mentioned before that families who offer no pay for live-in are scammers. Also, IF she was overworked, mistreated, uncompensated etc then she may have been maligned in public.

Parents don't need me but yet they do!

I took care of a baby girl since she was 6 months old. She just turn two as of last week and the parents put her in preschool. They said they would give me 2 week severance pay but I had to go to their house each Friday to pick it up. ok no problem. A few weeks ago I asked the mom on a Monday are you putting the baby in preschool when she turns two which was two weeks before she turned two. The mom says oh no not until June. OK well that Friday both parents come to me and say I was correct and they are putting her in school in two weeks so there goes their credibility.

moms dont want to be my friend

So I've been working with my kido for over a year.I spent the whole first year inside the house so by the time that I got the ok to go out I was desperate for interaction. I was surprised to discover that many of the moms didn't really want to be my friends they all have little cliques and I'm basically not allowed in them. so far I've only made two friends the rest just kind of ignore us.I was just wondering if that happens to you guys to

Opinions please!!

After what the previous nanny wrote about SAHM's I would like to ask you guys an opinion about what Ive been dealing with...
I babysit an adorable little girl (4 months old) and the dad "works" from home for the time being.
I start at 6 am everyday. The wife leaves for work when I get there, and the dad, goes upstairs to "work"
After the wife leaves, the dad comes downstairs, goes out to grab coffee, then piddles around the house ALL day. It's like he doesn't even work!!!


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