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Patience Help!!

Okay, so this is more help with the aftermath of working with kids all day. So I nanny 3 kids every weekday from 6am-7pm and one of them has a very bad attitude, he screams yells, if he does not get his way. I have talked to the mom about it and all she says is "oh is he never like that with us" but I do exactly what she says to do. So after my long day at work I come home to my husband and I have absolutely no patience what so ever with him. He used to be able to joke around and such with me and now I can't even handle it.

Advice on overnight/weekend pay

I am working this weekend Fri - Sun and do not know what to charge. I've been with this family for almost 9 years but have never stayed with the children over a weekend, grandparents usually help out. My normal hours are 11:30am to 6pm at $19 hr. The Mom asked how much I want to get paid but I feel bad charging my regular hourly wage for the night time hours. What do you ladies charge?

Have you seen this article?

Has anyone else read this new article from care? They are saying the average pay for nannys in 2014 was $13.50/hr. In New York the average was like $15/hr & of course I live in one of the lowest paying areas ever! They say around $11/hr where I live but they're not even close to how hard it is to find a good respectful family here around the pay I really deserve. I get all sorts of junk emails about how they can't afford daycare so they are looking for a nanny. Wtheck?!

Optimism or Opposition?

Today, I spoke with the mother of three children I've been nannying for the past month with the intent of giving my two weeks notice. The girls are 3, 2, & 2. I expressed that I am overwhelmed b/c her girls lack structure, discipline, & stimulation.

Most days the four of us (& the two cats) are confined to a small unkempt apartment w/ a (sometimes functional) computer as the only source of entertainment. When the weather permits I pull the three of them in a wagon to a nearby park.

My First Long-Term Commitment!

I am completely elated and excited to be working with a new family (in June), long-term, after almost 6 months of temporary care-giving opportunities!

I'm a 21-year-old, part-time-student, and the eldest of a 9 children family!
I love working with little ones, and find a lot of joy helping and watching them grow learn.

Advise for my future-- full time hunt is not going well

I have 2 part time nanny jobs... I'm getting tiered from them, burn out, its bad. I don't get any paid time off (of my choosing)

My schedule: M,T,W: 6-7:45 (afternoon families kids to school); 8am-1pm (morning family); 1-2 (my "lunch"); 2-2:30 drive to afternoon kids school; 2:30-5:30 (afternoon homework help)... Thursday the same but I stay until 7:30pm. Friday just afternoon 2:30-5.


So the place I live every year has a tulip time festival (which I'm sure some of you have heard of). I've participated in it all through elementary, middle, and high school growing up. Walking with my class, being in the band, and finally Dutch dancing.

The family I currently work for - this will be their second year living in this area (Michigan). So they vaguely went through tulip time last year and know it's very busy.

Danger pay?

Hi, three days a week I care for a 3 year old boy who is very impulsive, physical and apathetic. I want to help the family and work to teach this child, but I'm getting frustrated and tired. I'm an experienced nanny and have never had a child who is so unapologetic and doesn't respond to discipline. Has anyone worked with such a child and have advice on strategies? I don't get paid enough to come home with bruises and bite marks!

Vacation with a fever?

I normally have no issue with afternoon family. Until today. I'm about to go on a vacation, and one of the kids got a fever today; and still has homework. I arrived today with the other kid (the sick kid was picked up by a parent)... The kid with the fever told me he needed help with this and that, and I told him "I need to keep my distance from you, your sick with a fever and I have a vacation in 3 days... I can't get sick" (He's almost 11) Well that set him off, and his mother too!


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