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How Do I Respectfully Quit My New Nanny Job?

It's been almost 3 months that I have worked with this family as a live in nanny(for room and board). When I started, I couldn't tell the future, and my relationship is more serious than I ever would have thought it would be three months ago. I initially thought I would be spending a lot of time at the house just doing homework. I spend a lot of time at my other job, school, the library, and spending time with my boyfriend, and fitting my family into that. I have nothing bad to say about the family, they are wonderful people.

Hourly nanny's - how do you keep track of your hours?

Parents pay me hourly and ask me to keep track of my hours. Thing is I'm not sure I am doing it right or the way they want me to?

I clock the hours from when I pull in the house in the AM, and pull my car out of the driveway in the evening. I do this because often the kids will run to my car in the AM & PM and it will be like 15 minutes before I actually leave in the evening or get into the house in the morning!

I'm not sure if the parents think that once they leave and get home my hours start..

Germ Phobic Parents

I would like advice about how to help my employers become less fearful of their daughter catching illnesses. Mom and Dad are physicians with a healthy, nearly four month old daughter. They will not allow her outdoors if the temperature is under 60F (about 16C) and they specify which streets I may take her on for stroller rides because they are so frightened of her catching things.

Do you ever feel like your job as nanny makes people think of you as worthless or stupid?

I have been au pair for 2 years and now I just accepted job as a nanny where I am payed 15$ per hour plus gas and only 4 days a week. I love the deal. But in last few years I notice all the people I find myself in the same level of education/interest, are not interested in being around me. It makes me feel worthless and like I value less than them because I don't wear suits or have fancy job name.

Getting on the same page with potty training

I have been with this family for a little over a year. I watch two little boys (ages 4 and 3). The 4yo was already potty trained when I started. The 3 yo however is not potty trained. In my opinion he was ready to be trained 6mo ago but for some reason the mom won't do it!! I've been trying to train him when I'm there and he does great but the second I leave she puts a diaper on him!! What kills me is that she's a stay at home mom so it's not like she's too overwhelmed with work or cleaning (she has a housekeeper and I clean up after the kids) I feel like she just doesn't WANT to.

Is someone writing a novel?

Is anyone else getting strange long winded posts? The latest was called
Moncler jacka dam my father was I the doctor urging

Not kidding! These post keep showing up. Is it spam? Is someone writing a book and looking for feedback? I don't want to offend anyone but they aren't nanny related so why do they get through?

Whenever I post something it says it is being reviewed- so who is reviewing and for what?

Just curious.

Best Job Ever

It's amazing how many horror stories I read here at The Nanny Support Group. I certainly don't envy any of the posters nor would I want to be a nanny if these were the only stories I ever read. So, I'm happy to report that I have a fantastic employer!


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