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Hello Professional Nannies: This is an issue that has come up recently. Car Seats.
If parent wants you to transport their child and there is no Car seat, toddler seat, or child seat left for you to use, Do Not Do It. You will be liable if there is an accident and if not the police will give you a Big Ticket!
I know of one legal case where a mother took baby out of the car seat while car was in motion, had an accident, and baby is now totally disabled, brain damaged.

Job Creep

I nanny for two children, ages 5 and 8. I work part time-ish, although it is more like ¾. My hours range from 25-45 hours each week. I am having some issues with job creep. It started with laundry. When I was hired, I was asked to do light housekeeping, only children related. Clean up after their messes, do their laundry, cook dinner. Here are some issues:

Age Discrimination

So here is a new one. I feel a book should be written. lol. I went on an interview and instead of them being rude and asking how old I was they asked how old my children were. I am a really bad lier so I told them the truth. My oldest son is 41. I got wow you don't look that old. I explained I was young when I had him. People always throw whammies at me and I'm just not quick enough for snappy answers until I leave.


Child Proofing

I went to a home to interview but the parents were taking a class that day and there was a company Christmas party that night so they asked me to stay. I stayed from 12 pm to 1 am. They were very nice but the husband was from Spain and only in the country since May and could not speak English. When I got there at the appointed time the mother was late and there was just a lot of sign language between me and the dad since I don't speak Spanish. The child was turning 1 on the 20th but was already walking.


The six year old boy I take care of threw a fit when I told him it was time to go home for dinner. He was in the middle of a lacrosse game with his friends. I gave him a 5 min warning before it was really time to go. Then after five minutes, I told him we needed to go. He ignored me about 3 times, even with me getting more serious in my tone. I then walked into the game and took his lacrosse stick and he started kicking and hitting me. I let him go saying it was time to go home, and he ran back into the game. I ended up picking him up, legs kicking and carrying him out of the gym.

tips on how to get good reference from boss

I have finally decided to quit my job and nannying for good. last week mb and her extended family disrespected me to the point where I almost quit on the spot.I am very angry and hurt but I'm trying to make this transition as smooth as possible for the little one.I would like to know how I can quit and still get a good reference or care.com review from the family.I plan on giving them a months notice and helping with training the new nanny.



I have been a nanny since 2008 full-time, when I can get it. Three years ago, I took a FT nanny job for a family with Twin newborns. I gave up my nice PT nanny job of two toddlers for full-time and more money. This nanny job of twins was Horrible. The mother treated me Terrible, less than human, and would not even speak to me at the end of the day. She did not even come in where the babies and I were to see how their day was. It was a busy, active day with twins, which I loved.


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