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Almost a month ago started with a new family. They are amazing. 2 & 4 yr old boys. Mom and dad pretty nice, they are laid back mostly. They don't require much, light laundry some times. Meal prep, but mostly mom cooks and I just serve. I make beds, clean up play room daily. Swimming once a week and the kids arr regular toddlers they have their days, but nothing I can't handle. I work part time 4 days per week after school for $18hr.

Was I wrong?

Hi there!

I'm new, I really joined because I need to know if I was in the right or in the wrong with the family I was working for.

So I was working for an older couple (early fifties) who adopted an 18 month and almost 3 year old. They hired 3 nannies so they could have care at almost all times, and are both in the stick of their career.

Underpaid, now paying in on taxes

So I recently put in my months notice, and realized that when doing so I was sort of being way underpaid about $4 and hour, and no taxes have been taken out. Is there a way I can not have to pay in next year for taxes without negotiating and begging the family to let it be under the table?? I don't see how it can pay to be a nanny if you only make that amount and then have to pay in as well.

Potty Training Advice Needed, Plus Nap Time Troubles!

Hello Nannies! I am needing some advice about potty training my charges, two year old twin girls. They are having a vacation from their toddler school in about a month, (so I will have them 11 hours a day) and their mother wants to potty train them that week. She is not stay at home so I will be doing it on my own. As far as I can tell, her intentions are for me to have them 100% potty trained by the end of the week. I'm really worried about this! Most of my experience is with older children, and I have never potty trained before, other than helping my younger siblings.

My one year is coming up and I really need advice!

So I watch 4 kids ages 3,5,6,10 they are great kids the I like the whole family alot. However I have been really unhappy about my pay I know im being take advantage of when it comes to that. Im paid salary 420 a week and I work about 50 hour a week. I also do laundry everyday and cleaning such as vacuuming mon,wed,friday and I mop everyother day then dishes,wiping the stove,refrigerator, dishwasher and tables and obviously clean up after the kids. I do feel like.the.oldest two need more chores besides cleaning up there room so I make sure they out there own dishes in dishwasher.

How to handle scheduling problem with new family?

So I just started working for a family part time, and told them going into it I was also doing another part time job which would require me to work a few events at night (when I work for them) but that they'd be scheduled months in advance and I would obviously let them know well ahead of time. So this week I got the dates and let them know that I needed those 3 nights off, and they got very defensive and were like, "we hired you to pick the kids up from school, now you're telling us you can't? How often are we to expect this happening? Is this going to be a continuous problem?


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