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Parents Trust Issues

I take care of two year old twins. I have been their nanny for 9 months now. I am very frustrated! I haven't been able to take the kids anywhere on any activities. Due to the parents not trusting me. For example there is a small playground across the street. I asked the mom and nope dad said no. It has been a beautiful summer weather wise and all I'm allowed to do is take them out on a small deck to play. I just don't get it. I understand their kids are precious to them. But then why hire me if you won't trust me. Sorry for venting. What would you do?

Paid lunch for fulltime work?

Job description/pay/duties: Live out nanny for one 6 month old 40 hours/week and occasional overtime in NYC. In addition to childcare (changing, feeding, diapering) my duties are light housekeeping, baby laundry, family laundry, groceries, and crockpot meals 2x per week. I'm paid $15 an hour for this which is low for the area but it's long term fulltime so I do shoot for perks and have monthly rail pass compensated.

Snack Ideas

Hey! What do you guys eat during the day? I need some quick ideas. I want to add more fat and protein to my diet. What are your go to's? I've been doing avocado and cheese, but need some variety


I have worked for this family since December 2014. They re-located here for work and have a new baby. At the house with me, We will have The grandchild for the baby, their parents, sisters, and cousins, a large family, both parents of baby, plus two rottweilers that are theirs. Dad's side has had mom, 3 brothers, and sister fly in from all over the U.S. and stay 1-2 weeks in the house with me and the two rowdy large dogs. Some have brought their pets too! Both grandma's, one brought a friend, a cousin brought two dogs, we already have two 90 lb. dogs, and they stay a week.

Hourly Pay vs Weekly Pay?

How do you guys feel about pay rate?
My last job was weekly pay and I was getting $280/week and if it went over 30 hours, I was paid an extra $10/hr.
The pros I saw with weekly was that I was paid the same amount regardless if I worked all 5 days or only 3 days.
The con was that if I didn't go over 30 hours and hit 30 exactly, it was averaging out to only like $9/hour which is ridiculous considering all the driving I was doing.

Career Change

I need some advice on a possible career change. I am 21, working as a nanny currently. I plan to buy a house as a long term financial move. I thought that once everything is fixed up I would start a home daycare, which would be far more profitable than my current position and I would like to save more for my future, put more into my IRA, and travel some. Is this a good idea? In the area I live I would have no problem filling enrollment at a decent price that would work for both the parents and myself. I know it will be a lot of work to get up and running but I believe it will be worth it.

Turned down an otherwise great job.

I sorta regret it, but know it was for the best. The pay was in my range, it was on the books, sick days, i would still be paid my 32 hours if the family went on vacation-- just they didn't think I should get vacation too on top of that perk. But they weren't comfortable with me driving. They live in the mountains, no parks. They have no back yard, just a mountain. I would have been confined to the house all day, every day. The house wasn't baby proofed, with no plans to do such. The only outside areas was a heavily landscaped front yard and a back deck with a 2-3 story drop.

Need help with the right words

Our fall sports are going to start soon and because the kids are older now practice times end at 7:30 and 8:00 each night.

I am supposed to get off at 7 but I live in and work for a single parent.

I want to address this now so I'm not stuck working late many nights ( if I am the one picking up I won't get off until 7:55-8:15 ).

I need to find a respectful but firm way to ask
What is your plan for the kids after 7:00 pm each night ? And then I need a response because I'm pretty sure his answer will be " it will work out" or something like that.


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