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First nanny job

How did you all land your first nanny job? I was teaching early childhood music and one of the mommy's mentioned she was looking for a nanny. I started part time with them and then found an afternoon job on care.com. After that, a lady referred me to her friend from church and the list goes on and on. Word of mouth is like the best thing ever in the nanny world! What about you?


Hello Nannies: I am sure most of you have had this experience, what did you do?
Today, I answered an ad for a FT infant nanny. Baby is now 3 months old, mom wants to hire 40 hour per week FT nanny in May. Perfect, I am looking now. After several questions during the phone interview, some of them unusual and invasive, she told me what salary they expected to pay! Oh, really? My AD states the salary range is $10-15 per hour, U.S dollars.


Hi Nannies: Need your advice on this dilemma. I temporarily work as a housekeeper until I find a FT infant nanny job. Mom is a stay at home mom to a 3 year old boy brat, and a 1 year old baby girl toddler. I come MWF to clean house all day. It is a huge mansion and one floor per day is all I can clean, plus laundry. The 3 year old boy is horrible to his mother. He yells, grunts, screams at her if he does not get his way. He eats constantly all morning until lunch time and then by lunch time he is so wired on sugar that he is worse at noon.


I am a nanny on Tuesdays and Thursdays to a 5 month old baby. I was hired as a part-time on-call nanny when dad is on-call for his job as a private pilot. I accepted the job only on the premise that I would work and be paid for16 hours per week. Mom works 2-3 days per week and dad cares for baby when she is gone to work. Mom hired me as a "back-up" for dad when he is on-call, waiting for the phone to ring, calling him to work. Finally, in November, I started two days per week. At first she hired me for 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. two days per week.

Mom, maternity leave.. How do you do it?

Mom just told me she would be home for an unpaid, 3 month maternity leave. She currently works 3 days a week/part time. I asked her if she still needed me & she told me, "I figured I would just use you on your same days as you probably cannot afford to not be paid for 3 months." I mentioned to her that there might be temporary positions available I could take & she told me no she didn't want to lose me etc..


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