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How do you deal with a stay at home mum?

Hello everybody,

I've been working as a nanny for the longest time :). I always said to myself I will never work again for a stay at home mum... BUT when I looked for a new job last year and of course said yes for a job and the mum stays at home. I was hired to help her and actually this is not what is happening...

Best NYC agencies?

Hi everyone, I have just moved from Maine to New York/New Jersey for college. That being said, I am entering college at a little older than fresh out of high school because I had taken off 3 years due to finances. I worked a job, lived in an apartment, and lived with families as their nanny on and off for the last 3 years. I finally made the decision to follow my dreams of interior design and made a temporary month long move to NJ close to NYC. It's been about a week now and I am getting discouraged.

Going on my 4th year with same family

I have been with current family for three years and going into my fourth year. They have one child who is now 3 1/2. When I interviewed for this job I was asking for $15.00/hr. They offered $13.00 if I would also clean some. I accepted as I needed to secure a job. Each year I have received a $1.00 raise when its time to renew my contract. Today as we are approaching the time to renew my contract for a fourth year the Mom mentions they are going to give me an extra week of paid vacation instead of the usual $1.00/hr raise.


Hi Nannies: I have recently lost my second PT job on Tuesdays and Thursdays as Mom wanted to return to college and put her baby in daycare full-time. I have a contract on MWF until January 1 with my first family. I actually took the Tuesday, Thursday family first last September as I had nothing at all. Last July, my full-time family decided to return to Seattle, their home town, as mom was not happy here. Well, that totally shocked me. She hired me as a full-time infant nanny to her 3 month old NB.

Proud of myself

So I am a live in and for the past two months my boss has been coming home late a lot with little notice. Or just saying on Monday " I have a dinner on Tuesday, I won't be home till after the kids are in bed". My contract lists my hours as 7-7. So I had just been letting it go because I Hate conflict. But last night I finally said something.

I told him I don't mind working late but that he had been springing it on me a lot and then I have had to change my plans. Anyway he said " understood". That's all he said but at least he heard me.

Difficulties getting nanny job because I am not willing to travel

I am looking for Nanny work, but its difficult because all the families want me to travel for long periods and I am not going to leave my young son and travel for long periods at a time. Most times its not even worth it as most of these families dont compensate you for all the hours you put when you travel with them. I have tried over 10 agencies, no calls, all because i am not willing to stay overnight or travel. Anyone knows of families looking for a nanny? thx


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