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Hi. I am new to a nanny forum but not to being a nanny. I have only been with my current family for a month and a half. Baby is 3 ½ months old now, and both parents work…although Dad is home most days for at least part of the day…in the middle of all Baby and I are doing.

He talk, talk, talks…to Baby about himself and what they’ll be doing later. If I initiate something he likes, he immediately adopts it and takes credit for it. There is never a calm or quiet moment. He seldom addresses me directly. He speaks to me through Baby.

will they remember me ?

So long story short the family I worked for for over a year no longer needed me as a nanny , my question is will the kids remember me? They were ages 1 soon to be 2 and 4 soon to be 5. Im honestly very upset that they no longer needed me and it makes me more upset that they might not remember me or any of the great times we had together. So what do you think will they remember me years to come?

Frustrated and Feeling Disrepected- Please Advise Me!

Hello everyone- I care for a three year old little girl. I have been with this family since she was 10 months old. I have been taking her to a local Mommy and Me class since she is 16 months old. We both have made some very good friends there. I am an older nanny but made friends with one of the younger moms and her daughter and the little girl I care for became good friends. We would go to the playground with the girls after the Mommy and Me class and then out to lunch. . The little girl I watch can be very moody at times and dramatic. She cries at the drop of a hat.

Unappreciated, Frustrated, and Needing Advice

Hello all,

I'm new to this nanny board, and I came here because I wanted some nanny support and advice from those who work in the same job as myself, to some extent. Nice to meet you all!

I have been nannying for the family I'm with since last year, and have been full time when school wasn't involved. I nanny twin 2 year old girls and I've known them since they were 6 months old. Obviously I have lots of attachment to them.

Gun in the house

I've been with my family for 2 years now and just recently discovered the dad keeps a gun in their main floor bedroom. I guess it was previously kept in a safe in their closet but he recently bought a new one. He mentioned to me "remind me to show you the new gun case. It's still locked and everything but it'll be out in the open now so I want to explain it to you just in case". They keep the lock box on their dresser so it's out in the open. I'm not really sure what to think since I'm just finding out about this (he still hasn't explained the box to me).

Breast feeding

I work for a mom who is still breastfeeding her 2 year old. I don't have a problem with it bc I understand it is a personal preference. The baby wakes up in the middle of the night about every 2-4 hours to feed. Finally about a few weeks ago the baby stopped waking through the night but very early in the morning to feed. The mom went out of town for a day and while she was away the baby was perfectly fine without breastfeeding. While the mom was away she managed to pump about 8 ounces of milk. She told me that I need to put the breastmilk in the babies Cheerios instead of cows milk.

When is enough, enough?

Hi everyone! I am going on 6 years being a full time nanny, different families but only because once old enough the kiddos went to school ect. I am still in contact with all of them, never had any major issues or anything. The family I am currently nannying for is not so great, especially having to do with the mother. I have been nannying for them since October for their adorable baby girl who I would honestly take a bullet for, but I feel so unappreciated by the person I feel should appreciate me most.. Her mom. Here are some examples of some red flags.


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