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What to do when my employers want me to watch their friends' kids

This has only happened once so far, but I need to know what to do since I'm sure it will happen again sometime. My employers had friends over one weekend and had me watch their friends' 2 kids along with the boss's 2 kids who I already care for while they went out. Of course I didn't mind but I asked for extra compensation since 4 kids is a lot. I was only given $10 extra by my employer and I feel like it should have been the other parents to pay me instead of my boss since they are not her kids.


I currently nanny for a boy who just turned 4. I was his teacher when he was a toddler at daycare and since have become his nanny. I am expected to "teach" him things he would learn at preschool. I am currently paid $450 every two weeks. I would like a raise but I don't know if it is ok to ask. I have been nannying for them for about 5 months and would like to ask for a raise for summertime when I will be watching his six year old sister as well. Is this unreasonable to ask for a raise when adding another child in?

How to ask for more money

I'm currently am nanny for two families in montgomery county md. It's a nanny share the parent are friends. I currently watch both their kids Monday through Thursday. They are 14 and 15 months old and I have been with them for 8 months. However next year they won't both be needing me one mom is going to be a stay at home mom. The other mom is pregnant and due in 2 months. She would like to keep me and keep it as a nanny share with another family she knows. This would make it 3 kids and it will now be 5 days a week. The kids ages when I start will be 18 months 6 months and 3 months.

family wants to 1099 me!

I with This family Since August, no contact but good pay, its just a biweekly evening thing job. Last week they asked for my SS# i denied that information, they were upset about it because they want a refund on their child care tax credit... That's understandable. But that would mean i would get audited and owe a lot.


Hey all,

I'm currently on care.com looking for a job for when I complete college in the spring. I have been sending applications since mid March and have only heard back from one family. I sent the application for that particular family two weeks prior to getting a response. I was wondering, is it typical that families take awhile to respond? I'm new to the site and want some advice on how the interview/response process works. Also, would you consider the site beneficial?


Fairfield CT nannies! looking for friends : )

Hello All,

My names Alicia. I am 25 years old and currently a nanny in Fairfield, CT. I moved here over 1 year ago from Wisconsin for a nanny job and have yet to meet any other nannies in the area. I am always hearing about there being a lot of nannies in the area but I swear there hiding lol. Feel free to message me if you live in the area. I would love to make friends! : )

how to negotiate pay

I started working for a family in September 2013. Their baby was 7 weeks. We agreed on the pay and signed a contract. The pay agreement was 30 hours on the books and 20 hours off the books. I was on Social Services food stamps (single mom) and did the right (and legal) thing which was to tell Social Services about my new job (on the books only). Social Services then sent a subpoena to the family to testify in front of a judge that they hired me. Well, the family freaked out and told me that they were no longer comfortable paying me 20 hours off the books.

24 hour shifts for 4 or 5 days...question!

I have been a nanny with the same family for just under two years. Currently the girls are 5 months old and 2 years old. My normal hours are 8am-5:30pm. I have stayed over night in the past while the parents have gone on vacation, I only had to watch one of the children since obviously the other hadn't been born yet. The parents and I have worked it out to when I get random extra days off I still get my normal weekly salary and then they can use those hours they paid me for as "comp hours" for future babysitting or overnights like when they go on vacation.


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