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I started working for the family I work with almost a year ago. At the time they had one child and 7 months ago she gave birth to her second. I get paid salary per week but my pay hasn't changed since the second baby had been born. She does give me extra money here and there but no definite increase. What is a fair increase to ask for for taking on a second child and how do I go about this?

Boss revealing my salary

My family has notified me their daughter is going to attend preschool. They posted something very nice to help me find another nanny position. There's only one problem I went on several interviews and they went "GREAT" however, the people that I interviewed with wanted to speak with my boss. My boss said very nice things about me however, they all asked how much I was making and she told them. This was not good because I had one job offer making five dollars more than I was making (harder child though) and after they found out my salary they no longer wanted to give me the job.

Nannying 101 help please

So I haven been a nanny for many years. I never do a contract as I've never needed too. However the current family I work for gives me set amount of pay for a 40 hour work week. Which isn't bad but what I'm getting is when they go on vacation for a week I o her hours so I am still paid. So I would o her 40. So sometimes I'm working over 40 hours a week since she banks these hours. I feel like I should have been paid the hours she goes on vaction. also if I work on 38 hours a week I'll o her 2 hours. I feel like it's unfair and am
Needing some help thought ect.

Problems in paradise

The family i worked for this summer is used to constantly moving. They would constantly add extra kids without emergency contacts and have me pick up the husband from work. The last paycheck bounced and after a month of "negotiations" I need to take her to small claims court. My original letter never reached them since they had not set up a forwarding address. I have tried texting and calling, but with no success. Now what??

Help understanding nanny challenges

Hi! I'm developing a training for staff at public libraries across New York State, and I want to understand the challenges nannies face in getting kids 5 and under to the library. Would anyone be willing to spend 15 minutes on the phone with me, or email responses to a list of questions?

My ultimate goal is a depiction of a day in the life of you, your charges, and the family - with all identifying details masked, of course. The depiction will be used in the training to help participants gain understanding and compassion for young children, their caregivers and parents.

Nanny from Ohio. Pay rates?

Hello everyone! I am a live out nanny in Ohio and I am interested to see what compensation everyone recieves for their services. I would like to compare to see if I should be making more or if what I am making is up to par for where I live. I have only ever been with one family (my current family) for 11 months. My family hired me knowing I was inexperienced but knew that I wanted to get my foot in the door. I watch after 3 children ages 13 months, 3, and 4. I get paid $500 every week. This is untaxed pay so my take home is the full amount. I get paid holidays and one week paid vacation.

Part time benefits

I have been with my nanny family for 9 1/2 years. As with all nanny jobs the kids grow up and the family goes from needing a full time nanny to only needing part time. I understand this and was ok with it. My question is who has been in this situation where the family took away all paid time off benefits? I would think given all I have done, always going above and beyond that I would have been offered at least some of the paid time off I have had all these years?? Thoughts?


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