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I'm not really sure what to make of this, but I definitely need help.

So heads up in advance, this is going to be a long post. Basically, I had this huge falling out with the kids father because I need to quit at the beginning of the summer (3 months notice), I'm on autopay, and I'm not ok with not being paid for their 2 week trip to India (They want me to make up 50 hours on weekends until the end of June, I don't have time for that with the rest of my schedule) I've never been a nanny before so I may not have handled this in the best way... He started threatening to ruin my career, and saying things were in the contract that were not.

Advice on weekly salary

I have been with this wonderful family for one year. The baby was 3 months when I started, he is now 15 months old. One question is, I'm making $450 a week, working between 48-52 hours M-F. That's less then $10 per hour. It's my fault, I agreed to that salary, but was originally hired for 4 days a week at $325 per week for 42 hours a week. I screwed myself there also, not calculating the numbers correctly. Anyway, it's a wonderful family but I truly think they haven't sat down and realized what a great bargain they are getting for a full time nanny, coming to there home everyday.

Being laid off

I have been working for a family for 5 months now and it's been trying to say the least! I have posted a bit about the father and how he has driven me to tears on numerous occasions. I stuck around because I like the mom and love the children, but today the mom came home and told me that they will not be needing my services anymore in a few weeks because her husbands mother is visiting from Korea to spend time with the kids. I come from immigrant parents so I understand the need to have grandparents in the picture when they live so far away.

How much is expected?


I am a nanny for a 4 month old boy. I see him once a week for about 12 hours a day (I am a full time student so this is a way for me to get a lot of hours in in one day)

I have had experience with little ones this age before, but I only was with them 4-5 hours at a time.

The family has nanny cams *which they did tell me about before I started and I am 100 percent fine with that* so they can peek in and see how there baby is doing and what not.. I know this sounds bad, but how much time should I be playing with the baby in a hands on, interactive manner...


Is it acceptable for me to have in my contract that I will not work when they have relatives here? Grandma has been here for the past week and is driving me to insanity!! She questions everything I do and always tries to undermine me.


My boss is so damn lazy, I don't understand how can a SAHM mom, not be able to take care of her house duties, and then blame it on her ADHD. She gets up between 4:30-5 every morning and still says "there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done." She expects me to come in today and vacuum her and her kids bedrooms, and clean her air vents. I take care of her son! Not her and her house. Maybe if she spent more time trying to take care of home instead of running to every church event just to impress her priest then maybe she can get things done.

Handing in my notice today

Hi all

I recently posted on this forum looking for advice about an employment situation that was less than ideal for me. I received helpful feedback and am preparing to hand in my two week notice today. I have already secured a new position with a law firm, as I feel it is time to put my degree to use. Any last minute tips or words of encouragement would be appreciated. I have never resigned from any position before.

Thank you!


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