Does anyone need a nanny?

I've been looking for almost 3 months, joined 4 different sites, and a few agencies as well but nothing seems to be panning out even though I spend at least 4-5 hours a day searching jobs and calling people. So I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone knew of a family looking for a young, but experienced nanny?


If I got a message and it looked like the last two posts I wouldn't hire those posters either. Check your spelling and grammar, make a better cover letter and try applying again. I've been a nanny in a rural area for 8 years and have never taken more than a week to find a job.

I am a member of as well as,,, etc. etc.
I've replied to every family that could possibly apply to me, several times, even to those that the pay is really low. I just really want to nanny again.

I always wonder do they pay low or refuse to pay more. Families that haggle over fees I have learned that wasn't the family for me. Bounced checks etc.I have heard every excuse why They couldn't pay that day. ( after you provided care)

Open up a daycare home..You set your own fee and they come to you..

Take in babies hire a helper and what ever you do love what you do.

I always make sure my spelling and grammer is correct because I know it's a big turn-off to me when a family is lazy with their spelling and such.
Thanks for the tip, although I can't really post a cover letter on the sites and I don't have any addresses unless the family and I get to the point of discussing employment.
Any more tips? Is there anywhere else I can apply other than nanny agencies online and nanny employment sites? I live in a very rural area so there's not much employment around here.

Is there a hotel with a concierge desk that may be looking for sitters to recommend to families? I recently found that a big resort on the water about 45 minutes away was desperate for sitters which was surprising with the excellent pay they asked from families: $15/hr for one child, $2/additional child and a transportation fee. I know a girl who got enough jobs to last her all summer. It may be trickier in the off-season, though.

I live in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, and winter is coming so business at the resorts should be booming. I am a part-time nanny and want to supplement my income, so I was wondering how I should go about making my name known to the local Concierge desks?

Also, consider the first communication you have with your family your cover letter. Talk a bit more in depth about your experience as I've found that the profiles on nanny sites are a pretty generalized overview.

I think even in rural areas, there are places for children , karate, mommy and me, or children gyms, where parents take their children and have boards that allowto place some adds or if they don't just taking to parents and asking the workers.....

My big question is "how old are you?" Yes there are tons of jobs but most of them part times. Second if you have noticed there is a lot of discrimination, "young active, college student...."I am a 50 something, college educated, elementary teacher(back home) about to get a BA in Liberal Studies, child development, Recreation technician, 20 years of experience with children, excellent references, great cook... and I can add more.... but they do not want people my age anymore, not even in the schools they hire us even as TA's . It's sad but is the reality. When I was in my 30's agencies had tons of jobs for me so often because they made a lot of money with me....

Supernanny 1-I am 55, and yes my age is often a factor. I belong to and sittercity along with a few others, and I will respond to a posting, only to never be contacted. They can see my age from my profile, and I a sure that makes a big difference in their decision not to talk with me. I don't have nearly the credentials that you have, and was totally fortunate to be trusted by a couple who hired me to watch their 9 week old, who is now 18 months and I am still there. Since I live near ASU, and many community colleges, I am sure that many of the jobs go to students. My daughther attended ASU and helped support herself all the way through college as a nanny, as did many of her friends, so I know that this is true. I wish parent's would understand that I am not going to be on the phone, texting, or surfing the net while I am working, but I guess they overlook that. I remember when I was little, we always had "grandma" type of sitters, and that was the norm, but not so much now days. I have rambled on, not used to replying to comments. Anyway, I guess to sum things up, I really don't have an answer!

Hi, I'm 51 and I feel too that my age is getting to be a factor if it isn't already. I also feel very fortunate to have just recently been hired and trusted to care for an infant 2-3 (usually 2) days/week at their home nearby. I wish it was more hours but I am grateful for this and will keep on looking to see if I can add on to it.

Thanks for your comments, I hope many parents read them, not only to understand "our frustration" but to appreciate that as you said in our times our nannies were "grandma types",and they did a good job. My nanny was about 80 and she died 106 with us. Many of us have experienced the"motherhood" and know what the feeling of being a mother is and give those children that are not ours the love and the feeling that we experienced empty sometimes because our children are grown and gone , very different to a teen who has no children and takes the job as it is: income and job!

I am 55, and was hired when I was 54. Living in AZ has some advantages, because a lot of the families are from somewhere back "east" (as we say, but often the midwest) and so they just might be looking for a grandmother replacement. That happens very rarely, and I was blessed to interview and be hired by a family that wanted the experience and attitude of a grandmother, since the grandparents live in MN. I will say that the mom's parents winter here, but stay out of the way, seeing the baby when the parents take her to them. That though, is very rare.

Yes, I was the same age when hired by my family in Az. Again thought it would last and be my last job.
The mothers affair is what caused me to be looking and man am I looking!
Any idea on every website, flyers out and just trying all possible ways to find something.

I asked because there is a lady puts ads on Sittercity for families in the Scottsdale/North Phoenix areas, who's name is Janet and she runs a website called You might want to go there and fill out an app. Unfortunately my driving record isn't the best, and many families want their nanny to drive their kids around, which pretty much has elimated me from getting jobs that she has come to me with.

You might also want to reconsider doing live-in work again, as I know you have been "burnt", but that was really only one bad experience, and not having a place to live would make it easier for you to get a live in position. I have signed a lease and it just isn't an option for me. You see I am employed currently, but don't know how much longer it will last, as the marriage is on the rocks, due to the father being a full blown alcoholic! My hours have been cut to 29 per week, and the only way I am surviving is through the help of my daughter and some evening sitting jobs that I get here or there. In other words, I feel your pain. :(

I am so sorry I truly know what it is like. By the way was with another family in Queen Creek a single father he lost house and car children went to live with Grandparents so my live in has been bad to say the least.
You can call me cell anytime 912-577-4547 or email me at cowgirlupal@hotamil

Oh man, that is awful! Yup, I never wanted to be a live in, but basically because I didn't want to be around a family all the time, but there are some classy set ups with guest houses, or private entryways, which would be the only way I would do it.

Thanks for your number and email. I will write soon. Keep your chin up and I suggest you move to the westside (Glendale/Peoria) area since there seems to be a lot more jobs there, and housing is less expensive. Just a thought...

Honestly there seems to be NO jobs in NYC even. Parents are being laid off - therefore they don't need nannies. I won't lie, I was so desperate last year I started with a family for $600/ week (plus metro card) at 60/hrs a week (I've recieved a raise since then), I'm still with them and they are the most amazing family I've ever worked for. I love them and they love me! It is a great experience! Unfortunantly after a year + they are moving to Colorado, after careful thought I've decided to NOT go with them. I've found a new position, through my current employer. Forgot to mention, I have masters (child development) and over 5 years professional experience. I guess I'm trying to say, it's NOT all about the money, but about the fit and the rest will all fall into place! Also, families ALWAYS check our references, PLEASE ask for theirs. Ask for past nannies, family members and friends. Get atleast 3, just a helpful tip! Best wishes all!!