I was on spring break and haven't been checking the site.

I just wanted to find out how you are doing health wise. If you got any answers , if your eyes are doing better.

I don't mean to pry please tell me if I am. Just hoping you are feeling well. Annie


You are sweet thanks. My eyes are mostly better, the dr cleared new to drive! My parents are taking me on a cruise too!

I have been summer camp job interviewing like crazy, so I can hopefully have negotiation power with the bin summer camp. I also interviews for a month long nanny job in Israel, crossing fingers for it... And the Disney cruise one too. Both gigs pay great!

I'll be starting treatment soon for the health issue, I hate needles and have to inject myself :(. I want to hide that from the travel nanny jobs.

I have to do a shot every week. I HATE needles. If you have the option to use an auto injection needle DO IT. Drawing up RX and doing the measuring isn't hard but for some reason I found seeing the needle and then stabbing myself really hard. With the automatic injection you don't actually ever see the needle!! Mentally it is a lot easier for me.

I do t thin you need to tell any of your employers. If you are traveling and bringing your RX just make sure you have it in the original packaging ( especially for international). Most medicines should go in your carryon. And make sure your bring a sharps container so you won't get stuck ( it's easier for me when I travel to bring it all with me and then bring it home - then I don't have to worry about the disposal law )

I'm so glad your eyes are doing better and I'm glad you have lots of good interview coming up.

Take care of yourself.

Dr is having me do the under the skin injection three times a week. Apparently the once a week one can welt , cause flue like symptoms, ect. The pill form of medication is too new with too many side effects. The welding is an issue for me as in the summer I live in a bikini! Lol.

You have MS? So you do the under the skin injection or intermuscular? I'm really lucky I diagnosed quickly! And the international travel is great advice.

The company I'm getting the meds from is sending me a needle clipper, travel bag, and auto inject. I started to cry on the phone when they said needles and they told me about that! But still needles, I haven't had a flu shot in almost a decade, that's how much I hate needles.

Hopefully once you get all your stuff you will go into the dr office and get shot training ( that's what my dr did with me. )

My shot is once a week under the skin ( I do belly and rotate around the belly button so each spot is only hit once a month) I could do thigh but I am afraid.

I have RA. It's a different autoimmune disease. I have some friends with MS ( from the infusion room and a good friends dad has had it for a long time ).

I found some RX gave me side effects and some didn't. My shot actually makes me nauseous but now I have an RX for that and take that 30 min before the shot. I sometimes get bruising where the shot is but I am never in a bikini so no one would know.

Yes glad you caught it young earlier treatment is better!

Good luck with everything and keep us posted. Wish I lived closer and could come over and do your shot for you. Well that sounded really weird. I just mean it doesn't make me that nervous anymore and I would do it if it would help ( I am better at getting shots than doing them to myself but the autoimjector makes it easier )

Warning this post is all over. And I haven't been active lately as just stuff and life, but I read it daily :)

Man I wish I could have a once a week. I still haven't gotten the RX as my insurance is being mean-- so I asked "well should I have another relapse, stay in the hospital for another 4-7 days, have 2 sets of MRI's and in-hospital treatment... surely that costs more then the drug!?!" their answer 'No we don't want that to happen to you again, you should take the medicine.' LOL IDIOTS!

Anne you can come over any time and just do it for me. I'm going to have my BF trained on the shots too. I've been seeing a therapist about my needle fear too. ugg. The RX company is going to send an RN to my home for training. This shot I have to do: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, tummy; repeat One location gets repeated in a 2 week span :(

My grandma has RA, no clue it was autoimmune. She's just old at this point. Heck I'll have arthritis in my hips or need them replaced one day-- they pop out all the time, born like that too.

I live on the west cost, in a beach town-- swim wear is a large part of the wardrobe here. Heck we travel with them in our glove boxes just encase-- yes sometimes even in December can be a beach day! Suck it SnowDays LOL! Mean while we are waiting for the next "big one" (earthquake 7+).

Liea you can hug me all you want, the hair puller too :)

Sending you tons of hugs. Adam too 'cause he's a hugger. I don't know what I'd do if I had to give myself a shot. I was in tears just seeing the epidural needle. Sorry. I know that's not helpful

I hope you get better/start to mend very soon!!

I think it's helpful when someone has that reaction to giving themselves a shot. It's much harder for me when I hear " oh it's no big deal just do it" because that negates the fear involved for some people ( me!)

Empathy is a great thing.

How's the baby?

Yes unfortunately RA is autoimmune and can be systemic. Doesn't just effect the joints it can also effect the heart and other internal organs. Causes fatigue and stiffness as well as joint damage and is ( my 2 least favorite words on the planet ) progressive and degenerative. But with early treatment the outlook is much better than it used to be.